Let Us Join Efforts for the Protection of Children’s Rights


Joining efforts at the local level for the protection of children’s rights is the aim of the initiative of the non-governmental organization M’ART (Chernihiv, Ukraine). According to the initiative it is intended to promote the improvement of the local policy as to the implementation of standards of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the recommendations of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child that were developed at the beginning of 2011 after considering the periodic report submitted to the Committee by the Ukrainian government.

Educational and research activities are held within the framework of the mentioned initiative. It also foresees providing legal assistance in cases concerning children’s rights violation, working out suggestions as to local policy aimed at guaranteeing children’s rights.

An important step in this initiative is a training course titled “Protecting and Supporting Children’s Rights” for mass media workers, local government officials, social workers and civil activists working in the interests of children in Chernihiv region. The first session of the training course was held in Chernihiv from 9 to 11 January 2011. The initiative is held within the framework of the Understanding Human Rights All-Ukrainian Educational Program (www.edu.helsinki.org.ua) with the financial support of the UNDP in Ukraine.

The course participants undergo special training on children’s rights, children’s rights monitoring, learn to plan relevant actions and to affect the local policy on children.

The trainers of the first session were Elzhbeta Chyzh (the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Warsaw, Poland), Serhii Burov and Ruslana Burova (the non-governmental organization M’ART and the Understanding Human Rights All-Ukrainian Educational Program).

The first session agenda included the following subjects as the Foundations of the Concept of Human Rights and Children’s Rights, the Evolution of Children’s Rights and the National and International Mechanisms of Children’s Rights Protection. The general review and discussion of the concluding comments of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child regarding the Third and Fourth Periodic Reports submitted by Ukraine was the leading part of the seminar agenda. The NGO M’ART representatives Vlada But, Oleksandr Kvitnickyi and Anna Pal’kova familiarized the participants with the preliminary results of children’ rights monitoring activities, which are being held in Chernihiv region. The monitoring activities are the analysis of local standard acts, mass media publications, visits to the legal advice office of the organization and to public guardianship institutions.

Polish and Russian partners familiarized the participants of the first training session with the experience and successful practices in the sphere of children’s rights protection of these countries.

In the course of two training sessions and a distance session the participants will have to analyze particular children’s rights issues relevant for Chernihiv region. All the trainees have a chance to join research and information activities that are being held on the basis of institutions where children are kept without parents, such as orphanages, boarding schools, prisons etc.

The next training session is carried out from 15 to 17 February 2012. During the session it is planned to work out recommendations concerning the local strategy in the sphere of children’s rights protection.

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Natalia Pipkun