A Handbook of Human Rights Organizations Acting in Support of Human Rights and Public Interests


The Handbook is called to assist people who are in need of help or would like to be involved in human rights initiatives. It contains information about organizations that are competent in protecting human rights and public interests in Ukraine.

The Handbook was created by the team of the Social Network of Human Rights Activists. For two years the team has been providing civil activists and organizations with interactive tools to improve the effectiveness of their professional activity.

The first edition of the Handbook contains information about 66 organizations that provide victims of human rights violations with assistance, actively protect public interests and are open to cooperate with all interested persons. All information was either provided by people who work in public organizations given in the Handbook or obtained by the project team through publicly available sources.

The list of human rights organizations functioning in Ukraine that are given in the publication is not exhaustive. The project team intends to add information and publish edited versions of the Handbook in the future.

Detailed information about human rights organizations of Ukraine can be found at the Human Rights Activists in Action Social Networking Website: http://hr-activists.net/organizations. Information about new organizations can also be added to the Online Handbook at the mentioned website.

Download the Handbook in PDF 


The project team is thankful to all organizations that have been involved in creating the Handbook by providing relevant information. Gratitude is also expressed to the International Renaissance Foundation for its financial assistance.