One day from the life of a public activist or how to survive without an extra one hour a day


How does a person, who lives in a rhythm of the present time, starts a days? Does one usually make breakfast or switch on a computer first? The life swirls and we don’t want to be left roadside. We are afraid to loose pace, because we are not sure if we are able to catch up with everything.  While the operating system is starting up and the browser is loading we plan our further actions and define websites we want to visit first. The most important information can always be found in tabs.

First of all we check emails. There are tons of information digests from major websites. We look through titles and search for what is worth of attention. There is multitude of theme mailing lists that are impossible to know by chance, because their goal is not to increase a number of those who are not indifferent, but to establish communication among those who know the topic already. Usually, it is a rather narrow circle of experts, who are engaged in solving common issues and who know each other as a rule. Thus if you are not friends with one of the select few, you have little chance to know about this information resource and even fewer chances to become a member of the community.

Then we check social networks. We check private messages and cast a glance at friends news feed just to see the latest news. Information that was relevant 2 or 3 hours ago is engrossed already. We pull out several portions of the latest news to nourish our brains (or is it healthy food? fast food as usual).

Theme websites go afterwards. Where does hot news hide today? What is an urgent topic of today’s morning? Do you have lots of free time for all this information? Hardly so! “The most important is to understand that time belongs to you and it depends on you. Consequently, you can have time to do everything you need,” Serhiy Zhadan (Ukrainian poet, prosiest and interpreter) suggests.  

So how can we not loose ourselves in an uncontrollable stream of information and find what is personally important in a short space of time? Unfortunately, the public activists community is not consolidated enough. Available internet resources of programs and organizations do not satisfy needs of human rights activists to receive and exchange information and to search for partners in order to organize and carry out projects, public campaigns and so on.  As a rule resources of some non-governmental organizations or programs cover narrow subject areas and do not provide users with broad opportunities to administer content. It all caused a need to create a universal platform that would not only fulfill an information function, but also provide its members with an opportunity to unite, share experience, receive qualified advice and look for like-minded persons not among those millions who are indifferent, but among those who defined their stand in life and consciously chose “own place” in a limitless space of internet.

That is what the graduates of the Understanding Human Rights All-Ukrainian Educational Program do. They improve the multifunctional information Social network of activists of the human rights movement HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS IN ACTION and attract attention of the community towards one resource, where people can find and post information, receive consultation of highly qualified human rights defenders, share worries and thoughts on blogs and discuss matters in the forum. Users can read news of other users and post their news, receive the latest information about human rights competitions and educational activities, spread information about regional events and search for like-minded persons. It is much more convenient than 5 to 10 tabs active at the same time. And while we don’t have extra 24 hours (or at least 2 to 3 hours) a day, we should be responsible for time and energy and use the resources of our own body and spirit rationally and with maximum benefit for our society.

Human Rights Activists in Action social network was created within the framework of the Understanding Human Rights All-Ukrainian Educational Program in 2010. The financial assistance is provided by the International Renaissance Foundation. The social network is administered by the Human Rights Center Postup.

Human Rights Center Postup, Press Service


Yulia Krasyl’nykova