Human Rights Activists Collect Information to Publish a Handbook of Human Rights Organizations of Ukraine


The network of activists of the human rights movement Human Rights activists in action and the Human Rights Center Postup  started working out the first handbook of human rights organizations of Ukraine. The handbook will contain contact information of human rights organizations, information about their spheres of activity and needs.

The handbook will be used to popularize the human rights movement and will help organizations find partners in their regions and in Ukraine. Young human rights defenders will be able to learn about organizations in their locality and to join them in their activity. It will provide those who are interested with an excellent opportunity to find volunteers and partners.

The handbook will also promote the work of human rights legal offices. It will provide the victims of human rights violations with information about spheres of activity of an organization and its contacts. The handbook will serve as an additional tool to organize civil campaigns in support of human rights, to consolidate a human rights community, and will help quickly find contact information of any human rights organization in Ukraine.

The first step was already made. The social network of human rights activists Human Rights activists in action, which is an open space for discussing relevant issues in the sphere of human rights, was created.

The handbook will be published and will be available for uploading on websites in a .pdf format.  It will also be easy to find an organization in the Human Rights activists in action Online Guide.


Oleksandra Dvorets’ka